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    16 July 2023

    The Winning Ways of Celtics Rookie Jordan Walsh, According to His Coaches

    Jordan Walsh: The Relentless Defensive Menace

    When it comes to the NBA Draft, one name has been making waves among scouts and analysts – Jordan Walsh. This 19-year-old wing out of Arkansas possesses a defensive prowess that sets him apart from his peers.

    The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor describes Walsh’s approach as “relentless,” while Adam Spinella of The Box And One praises his engagement and intelligence on the defensive end. No Ceilings also recognizes his ability to make life difficult for opponents.

    Walsh’s role as a disruptor on defense created an impressively chaotic environment within the Razorbacks team, which already boasted top prospects Anthony Black and Nick Smith Jr. His energy reigned supreme, elevating the entire squad.

    Crafting Fearlessness Through Struggle

    However, Walsh’s journey towards becoming a defensive force wasn’t without its challenges. Charles Stoker, his long-time trainer, recalls how their initial workouts were far from pretty – with cries of frustration and reluctance from young Walsh.

    “At first, it wasn’t pretty,” said Stoker. “He hated me. He cried [in] a couple of workouts, didn’t want to come back.”

    In seventh grade is when John approached Stoker seeking outside help for Jordan’s basketball career. At that time, Jordan struggled even with basic footwork.

    Despite the initial difficulties, Walsh stuck with his training and gradually started seeing results during his high school years. Stoker remarked on how Walsh’s perseverance and belief in the process paid off, leading to improved performance in games at a young age.

    A Defensive Beast

    During his time at Faith Family Academy in Dallas, Walsh blossomed into a five-star recruit. His defensive skills flourished as he averaged an impressive 2.4 steals and 2.3 blocks per game in his junior season.

    According to Brandon Thomas, Walsh’s coach who has won multiple 4A state championships, defense is personal for Jordan. He relishes guarding the opponent’s best player and embraces the challenge wholeheartedly. With meticulous film study and dedication, Walsh ensures he always has an edge over his opponents both physically and mentally.

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