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    01 November 2023

    Tiger Woods and American Sports Icons Prepare to Launch Advanced Indoor Golf League

    TGL: A High-Tech Venture Changing the Game of Golf

    Prepare to be amazed as a star-studded lineup of athletes including Tiger Woods, Steph Curry, and the Williams sisters join forces in a groundbreaking high-tech venture that aims to revolutionize golf as we know it.

    A New Format for Golf Fans

    In collaboration with the PGA Tour, TMRW Sports has brought forth an innovative concept called the Televised Indoor Golf League (TGL). Co-founded by Woods and Rory McIlroy, this league features an impressive roster of 15 top-ranked male players from around the world.

    The ownership groups behind the six teams are nothing short of extraordinary. Sporting legends from tennis and NBA are teaming up with billionaires who have stakes in NFL, Premier League, and other prestigious sports organizations.

    A Technological Marvel for Spectators

    Kickstarting on January 9th at SoFi Center located at Palm Beach State College in Florida is where this cutting-edge competition will take place. The state-of-the-art arena spans over 250,000 square feet accommodating up to 1,600 spectators.


    The heart of this technological marvel lies within its custom-built course area which measures approximately 97 by 50 yards – just shy of an American football field’s size. Here’s where players showcase their skills by taking tee and approach shots into a massive 64 by 46 feet screen.

    But that’s just the beginning! The “Green Zone” is a tech-infused short game complex specifically designed for shots within 50 yards of the hole. It boasts three virtual greens, each programmable to change slopes using an impressive array of 189 actuators and jacks.

    A New Generation of Golf Fans

    Tiger Woods emphasizes how TGL sets itself apart from traditional golf in terms of spectator experience. He explains, “It’s something that inherently isn’t possible in traditional golf – and an aspect of TGL that will set it apart and appeal to a new generation of fans.”


    The Thrilling Competition Format

    Six mic’d up teams will battle it out on this mesmerizing stage. Each team comprises four PGA Tour players who compete against each other once throughout the regular season consisting of 15 matches.

    In every match, only three members from each team participate. The four top-performing teams advance to the playoffs where single elimination semifinals determine the finalists for the Championship Series – a thrilling best-of-three decider crowning the overall winner.


    A Unique Scoring System

    Matches are worth two points for a win and take place over two sessions encompassing 15 holes. Nine holes follow a three-versus-three format with teammates taking alternate shots while individual players go head-to-head on the remaining six holes.


    Each hole carries one point, and in case of a tie after 15 holes, a thrilling three-on-three closest to the pin competition is staged. Here, teams battle it out to see who can hit two shots closer to the hole than their opponents. The losing team earns an overall point for being defeated in overtime but none for regular time losses.

    The Teams

    A total of six teams representing different US cities will compete in this groundbreaking league. While player assignments are still underway, Justin Thomas has already been announced as the first recruit for Atlanta Drive GC – led by Arthur M. Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot and owner of NFL’s Atlanta Falcons along with MLS’ Atlanta United.


    With a cumulative tally of 32 major championships and 224 PGA Tour wins among the participating players, TGL promises an unprecedented level of excitement and competition that will captivate both avid golf enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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