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    16 June 2023

    Tommy Fury sets sights on KSI and Jake Paul rematch, promising to dominate YouTuber boxing

    Tommy Fury Vows to Destroy the Influencer Boxing Scene in 12 Months

    The world of boxing has been taken by storm with the emergence of influencer boxing. Tommy Fury, brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and Love Island contestant, is out to prove that he’s not just a reality star but also a serious boxer.

    In his latest interview with Sky Sports, Tommy expressed his desire to end YouTube boxing within 12 months. After beating Jake Paul already, his next target is KSI and he expects that bout will be made soon enough.

    “Everybody knows what’s next for me; it’s being teased at the minute. Hopefully we can get this KSI fight over the line and I’ll knock off another YouTuber,” said Tommy.

    People might think that taking on YouTubers might be an easy task for him but according to him, all these guys are the same and there aren’t any boxers who stand out from the rest.

    “I’m used to growing up fighting against proper boxers. These guys are a bit of a joke.”

    Determined To Dominate The Ring

    Fury doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon either – he intends on continuing beating every internet personality who ventures into professional sport as part of his plan for this year.

    “That’s my plan for this year. I want to end YouTube boxing within 12 months. So that’s my plan. So we’ll see.”

    No Riley, No Problem

    Although there are a few YouTubers in the boxing world, Tommy Fury does not regard them all as potential opponents. For instance, he doesn’t think that Viddal Riley has what it takes to be his next opponent.

    “All due respect to him but he’s not a big enough draw. At the end of the day who is he outside of boxing? He’s not really anybody. He’s got no global pulling power. He can’t do any pay-per-views,” Fury said.

    Fury believes that fighting at lower levels than him will only get himself into trouble so it isn’t even worth considering dropping down and fighting someone like Viddal Riley.

    The Future Looks Bright for Tommy

    Tommy Fury is certain about one thing though – he expects a rematch with Jake Paul to happen soon enough after already beating him once before.

    “I’ve said my hitlist. Jake Paul’s already been struck off, KSI is next…Then from what I’ve seen the other day Jake Paul wants it again in February.”

    The future looks bright for this reality TV star turned boxer and we’re excited to see where his career goes next!

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