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    14 July 2023

    Tuesday Discussion: Have the Celtics Reached a Point of Ineffectiveness?


    Happy 4th of July everyone!

    Gather ’round, basketball enthusiasts! As we celebrate Independence Day, let’s not forget that NBA free agency is keeping us on our toes. While we indulge in cookouts and fireworks displays, there are still two major situations to be resolved concerning the future of Jaylen Brown and Grant Williams with the Boston Celtics.

    Let’s dive into the possibilities. The team could take various directions, including potentially making franchise-altering trades – maybe even getting involved in the highly anticipated Damian Lillard sweepstakes. However, it seems most likely that Brown will announce his signing for a super-max extension shortly.

    In another scenario, the team might decide to exceed expectations by investing heavily in retaining Grant Williams. This would signal a win-now approach where they go all-in with their star duo – Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum – alongside Porzingis and an impressive supporting roster behind them.

    The risk involved here is that if things don’t pan out this season, the team may face limitations when trying to make further changes next summer. But sometimes taking risks can be worth it for a chance at winning it all now.

    On paper, this lineup appears stronger than last year’s squad due to its improved balance across positions. They may lose Marcus Smart’s playmaking abilities and defensive prowess but gain a talented big man shooter who can defend at the rim efficiently. It would require adjustments in style of play, especially on defense; however, these changes might unlock new potential within each player.

    A Human Element: Challenges Ahead?

    While we understand the business side of NBA transactions, it’s important to acknowledge the human element and potential challenges that may arise. Will Malcolm Brogdon be content with almost being traded? How will Payton Pritchard react if he remains with the team after trade rumors? Could Grant Williams feel slighted by restricted free agency negotiations?

    Additionally, how well will Porzingis mesh with his new teammates? And finally, how much will Marcus Smart be missed on the court?

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