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    09 June 2023

    Uefa Takes Action Against West Ham and Fiorentina for Incidents During Europa Conference League Final

    West Ham and Fiorentina face charges from UEFA after Europa Conference League Final

    In an unexpected turn of events, West Ham United and Fiorentina have been slapped with charges by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) following their match on Wednesday in Prague. The two clubs are facing charges for “throwing objects”, while West Ham has also received a punishment for “invasion of the field of play”.

    The incident occurred during the first half of the game when something was thrown from the West Ham end that struck Fiorentina’s captain Cristiano Biraghi on his head. Despite this, West Ham went on to claim victory over Fiorentina with a 2-1 scoreline.

    Fiorentina is facing additional allegations with regards to “lighting fireworks”. While UEAF has confirmed that it will be investigating these matters in due course, 23 fans were arrested in Prague following the match. One fan was identified as being part of the Hammers’ contingent, while all others were supporters of Italian club, Fiorentina.

    Further chaos ensued at central Prague bar where 17 out of its 22 patrons who supported Fiorente were detained for attacking West ham fans; police reports confirm this.

    The Verdict

    This situation could spell trouble for both teams if found guilty since such incidents can lead to heavy fines or even stadium bans which would adversely affect team performance until resolved. It remains unclear what measures UEFA will take against these two clubs but we must wait patiently as they investigate further before making any conclusions regarding punishments or consequences arising from these actions carried out by supporters during matches between opposing sides!


    It is important to note that such incidents have no place in football and it’s high time supporters appreciated the beauty of this beautiful game. Football should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their team affiliation as we all share a common love for the sport.

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