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    11 June 2023

    UFC President Criticizes Conor McGregor’s Mascot Punching Stunt as “Unwise”

    UFC Boss Says Punching Mascots is Not the Brightest Idea

    In a bizarre promotional stunt gone wrong, Conor McGregor reportedly injured Burnie, Miami Heat’s furry mascot during half-time at an NBA Finals game. The former UFC champion hit Burnie with one punch and landed another as the character lay on the ground before being dragged away.

    The incident has raised concerns about mascots being punched by professional fighters in such publicity stunts. UFC boss Dana White called it “not the brightest thing in the world” and referenced a similar incident involving boxer Deontay Wilder punching an ESPN mascot last year.

    Mascot Injured in Stunt

    Burnie had to receive hospital treatment after being knocked down by McGregor’s blow but is now back home receiving pain medication. Despite this, neither McGregor nor Miami Heat have commented on the matter.

    Criticism of Promotional Stunts

    White was critical of such promotional stunts which involve mascots getting punched by professional fighters, stating that he wouldn’t want any fighter to punch him if he were a mascot himself. He also questioned what these costumes are made of and suggested they could be dangerous for fighters due to their metal helmets or other materials used in construction.

    Mixed Reactions from Fans

    Fans have reacted with mixed emotions over what many see as inappropriate behavior towards mascots who play an essential role in sports entertainment today. Some argue that it’s all part of good fun while others believe these types of promotions should be stopped immediately before someone gets seriously hurt.

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