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    18 June 2023

    Unbelievable Shot at the US Open: Golfer Cameron Young’s Tee Ball Lands in Golf Cart’s Cup Holder

    The Most Unbelievable Golf Shot of the 123rd US Open So Far!

    As we approach the final round of this year’s US Open, golf fans have witnessed some incredible shots from the world’s top players. However, none can compare to what Cameron Young achieved on day three of this prestigious major tournament.

    In a moment that left spectators and commentators alike in total disbelief, Young pulled off a trick-shot for which golfing enthusiasts have only dared to dream. From well over 300 yards away, he managed to land his ball directly into the holder on a moving golf cart! Yes – you read that right: A MOVING GOLF CART!

    This amazing shot took place during Young’s third-round play at Los Angeles Country Club. After hitting his drive from the par-four 10th tee-off point, it looked like his ball was headed towards an out-of-bounds area. But instead, it landed perfectly inside one of those compartments located at the front-right side of a passing golf cart designated for tournament officials.

    You could hear audible gasps and exclamations all around as everyone tried to make sense of what they had just seen before their very eyes; even Paul Tesori (Young’s caddie) couldn’t contain himself! The shot had everyone spellbound with amazement.

    A quick discussion with rules officials ensued followed by photographic evidence taken by Tesori before proceeding with taking a drop from rough nearby where he made good recovery and ended up securing par on that hole despite earlier frustrations after skidding over greens with subsequent approach shots gone wrong.

    After completing his round carding two-under-par-68, Young now sits at even-par overall heading into Sunday’s final round. He has a lot of ground to make up if he is to improve upon last year’s third-place finish and win his first major title.

    But after that incredible shot on day three, who knows what the future holds for Cameron Young? It may take nothing less than another miracle like this one for him to clinch the top spot in this year’s US Open tournament!

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