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    13 June 2023

    Viddal Riley seeks to erase uncertainty in Anees Taj rematch and has his sights set on becoming a world champion

    Unfinished Business Between Viddal Riley and Anees Taj

    The boxing world is eagerly anticipating the rematch between Viddal Riley and Anees Taj on Friday at York Hall. The two fighters first met in February, with Riley emerging as the winner after a cut over Taj’s eyebrow caused the fight to be stopped.

    However, neither fighter was satisfied with how things ended. Both men felt that there was unfinished business between them, which makes this upcoming fight all the more exciting for fans of the sport.

    Riley believes that he has what it takes to become a future world champion. But before he can even think about that possibility, he needs to win the British cruiserweight title first. His upcoming rematch against Taj is just one step towards achieving his ultimate goal.

    Aneas Taj Looking for Redemption

    For his part, Taj wants nothing more than redemption against Riley. He’s been in the ring with world champions before and knows what it takes to compete at that level.

    Taj doesn’t believe that losing three times should stop him from reaching his full potential as a boxer: “Can I be there in a year or two? That all depends on how I can improve.”

    The Backstory Behind This Fight

    This isn’t just any ordinary rematch – there’s history behind these two fighters. When their first fight was announced earlier this year, many people were skeptical about why they were fighting again so soon after their initial bout.

    Riley himself admits that he thought about fighting other opponents who were closer to where he wants to go in his career. However, there’s something special between him and Taj that people are drawn to.

    Riley explains: “Me and Anees have history now. There’s something for people to connect to…This fight made sense.”

    Why This Fight Matters

    This rematch is about more than just two fighters trying to settle a score – it’s also an opportunity for both of them to prove themselves on a bigger stage.

    If Riley can emerge victorious once again, it will show the boxing world that he has what it takes to compete at the highest level. On the other hand, if Taj can pull off an upset win, it could be the start of something big for his career.

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