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    08 June 2023

    West Ham’s domination of Fiorentina in the Europa Conference League final described as “brutal treatment” by Italian club president.

    West Ham leaves Fiorentina with broken nose and bloodied face, claims club president Rocco Commisso

    In a highly controversial match, West Ham treated their opponents like “animals,” according to the Italian club’s President. Striker Luca Jovic was forced off at half-time due to a broken nose, while left-back Cristiano Biraghi suffered a bleeding injury after getting hit by an object thrown from the crowd. Despite these injuries, Jarrod Bowen scored a late goal that ended West Ham’s 43-year wait for another trophy.

    “Those of West Ham are animals in the way they treated ours” – Commissio says

    The defeat has left some bitter taste as Mr. Rocco Commisso claimed that there were incidents on the pitch where referees had to intervene and make decisions. He also spoke about how he contacted the Premier League President regarding this matter.

    “I expected to win, but it wasn’t like that”, said Commissio. “But there have been episodes on the pitch where the referee had to make the difference.”

    “I spoke to the president of Premier League; those of Westham are animals in ways they treated ours.”

    Fans clash leads into arrests in Prague

    The aftermath of this game saw chaos erupting among fans as police arrested 23 supporters involved in clashes both inside and outside stadiums. One arrest being made with regards to a fan supporting Westham while others belonged to Fiorentina. It should be noted that ahead of this match, several violent incidents took place between opposing fans in Prague, with 17 of the 22 Italian club supporters being detained over their involvement.


    The game between West Ham and Fiorentina was a highly intense match that resulted in several injuries and arrests. The incident has once again highlighted the need for better security measures at sporting events. We hope that authorities will take notice of this situation and put appropriate steps to ensure safety for all those involved in future matches.

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