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    06 June 2023

    Why Josh Taylor abruptly left during his interview with Teofimo Lopez – Security measures increased by $5,000

    Josh Taylor Walks Out of Interview with Teofimo Lopez

    Josh Taylor, the renowned Scottish boxer, walked out of a joint-interview with his rival Teofimo Lopez. The two boxers will face each other in a WBO super-lightweight title fight on June 11th.

    The champion added that he would have to confront Lopez in person during this week’s press conference and weigh-in events since they would be physically together for the first time before their upcoming fight. However, Taylor seemed calm about facing Lopez despite seemingly having nerves and doubts about himself.

    Promoter Top Rank Takes Extra Precautionary Measures

    Promoter Top Rank has taken extra precautions for Thursday’s press conference where both fighters are expected to go head-to-head in person. According to Carl Moretti, VP for boxing operations at Top Rank:

    “This press conference on Thursday, we probably spent another $5,000 on security because we’ve got to get Saturday.”

    Both boxers will be physically present at this event which adds more intrigue as tensions may rise between them due to previous encounters.

    Taylor Focused On Fight Night

    Taylor seems very focused on the actual fight night itself rather than engaging with his opponent outside of the ring. He believes that he has an abundance of experience being on big stages such as championship fights early in his professional career.

    “I really feel it’s a big performance coming on,” he said. “I’ve got an abundance of experience now.”

    He added that he is excited about boxing again and feels like a kid at Christmas, ready to put on a great performance in the ring.


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