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    07 June 2023

    Xander Zayas aims to impress on MSG debut: ‘I’ll be a force to reckon with in my prime’

    The Rise of Xander Zayas: A Warrior in the Making

    At only 20 years old, Xander Zayas is already making waves in the boxing world. With an unbeaten record of 15 professional fights and a burning desire to make history, he’s quickly becoming one of the most exciting names on the scene.

    The Special Moment at Madison Square Garden

    Zayas is set to fight on the undercard of Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez at Madison Square Garden during Puerto Rican Day Parade weekend. It’s going to be a special moment for him as he steps into one of the most iconic venues in sports.

    “The love and support we get from our fanbase gives us a lot of motivation and just willpower to go there and put on a show for them,” says Zayas. “In Puerto Rico they teach us from the beginning when it’s time to go out to war, you go out like a warrior.”

    This young fighter is not afraid to take risks inside that ring, but he also knows how important it is to look smart while doing so. “When it’s time to box and outclass somebody, you just go out and look better than them,” explains Zayas.

    Award Winning Ambitions

    Zayas’ next opponent Ronald Cruz presents another opportunity for him – winning his second annual Miguel Cotto Award which goes hand-in-hand with additional recognition within boxing circles.
    “To be fighting for this award just makes it a little bit more special,” says Zayaas.
    Zayas is a huge fan of Miguel Cotto. He says the way that he carried himself inside and outside the ring made him a gentleman at the end of the day.
    “The way that he can adjust to any fighter at any given time, any round, he’s able to make those adjustments,” adds Zayas.

    Creating His Own Legacy

    Zayas is determined to create his own legacy in boxing – one that will be remembered long after his career has ended. “I want to leave a legacy outside the ring.” And it’s clear from talking with him for even just a few minutes that this young man has all the tools necessary to do just that.

    The Road Ahead

    So what does Zayas’ future hold? Well, according to him, it’s nothing short of world domination. “My time is around the corner,” says Zayas confidently.
    He plans on fighting for world honours next year and wants nothing more than to bring glory back home for Puerto Rico.

    “I want to be able to bring that excitement back when Miguel Cotto fought, when ‘Tito’ Trinidad fought, so people get together again and watch them fight.”

    Taylor vs Lopez Main Event Prediction

    Zayas believes Josh Taylor vs Teofimo Lopez main event is too close call.
    “It depends on what type of Josh Taylor shows up; it depends on what type of Teofimo shows up”.
    If Teofimo comes out very aggressive then I do see Josh Taylor outboxing him,” explains Zayaas.

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