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    09 June 2023

    Alfie Hewett and Gordon Reid Advance to French Open Wheelchair Doubles Final 2023

    Defending Champions Alfie Hewett and Gordon Reid Qualify for the Fourth Title at the French Open Wheelchair Men’s Doubles Final

    The British duo of Alfie Hewett and Gordon Reid has advanced to the finals of the 2021 French Open wheelchair men’s doubles championship. This is their fourth final together, as they aim to clinch another title in Paris.

    Hewett and Reid are seeded number one this year, having won three straight championships previously. They defeated Joaquim Gerard from Belgium and Tokito Oda from Japan with a scoreline of 6-2, 6-2.

    This partnership has been successful throughout their career, winning a total of sixteen Grand Slam titles together so far. Earlier this year, they also secured victory at the Australian open.

    On Saturday, Hewett will compete against Oda in his bid to retain his world number one ranking in singles. The anticipation for this match is high among fans worldwide.

    Lapthorne-Ramphadi Duo Beat Top Seeds Schroder-Vink En Route to Quad Finals

    The Lapthorne-Ramphadi pair have reached their first quad doubles finals after beating top seeds Sam Schroder & Niels Vink with a thrilling comeback win: losing 4-6 in set one but then taking sets two (6-4) & three (10–6). On Saturday, they’ll face Heath Davidson from Australia along with Canada’s Robert Shaw who emerged victorious over Dylan Alcott and Kyodoi Yoshida with a score of 7-6, 6-1.

    Overall, the French Open Wheelchair Championships have been an exciting event this year, with plenty of action on the court. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the finals!

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