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    08 June 2023

    Alfie Hewett Nears Fourth French Open Wheelchair Singles Championship Victory in 2023

    Alfie Hewett’s shot at a fourth French Open wheelchair singles championship

    In the latest update from the world of disability sports, Britain’s Alfie Hewett has stormed into the finals of the 2021 French Open men’s wheelchair singles tournament with an impressive straight-set win over Argentine third seed Gustavo Fernandez.

    The top-seeded player is now on course to clinch his fourth consecutive Roland Garros title and cement his position as one of the most formidable players in this category. In what promises to be a thrilling final face-off, he will take on Japanese second seed Tokito Oda who is also brimming with confidence after a series of stellar performances throughout this competition.

    Hewett isn’t just focusing on his potential victory in the men’s singles event; he and partner Gordon Reid are still very much in contention for their fourth successive Roland Garros men’s doubles title. The duo boasts an incredible record of 16-time doubles champions across all four majors which speaks volumes about their dominance in this field.

    Their next match against Dutch pair Maikel Scheffers and Ruben Spaargaren or Belgian Joachim Gerard and Oda is scheduled for Friday, so tune in to see if they can continue their winning streak!

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