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    19 February 2024

    Aprilia optimistic about MotoGP rule changes in 2027 to draw interest from additional manufacturers

    The Future of MotoGP: A New Era for Manufacturers

    With Suzuki’s unexpected departure from MotoGP, the premier motorcycle racing series is now left with just five major manufacturers. Despite this setback, the upcoming 2027 regulations present a unique opportunity for new players to enter the competitive field and level the playing ground.

    Potential Contenders: BMW and Kawasaki

    One brand that stands out as a potential candidate for MotoGP is BMW, a manufacturer with a rich history but no prior presence in the sport. On the other hand, Kawasaki, which exited the championship during financial turmoil in the past decade, could also add significant value if it decides to return.

    Aprilia’s Enthusiasm and Vision

    Aprilia’s CEO Massimo Rivola has expressed optimism about the future landscape of MotoGP under the 2027 rules. The goal is to attract more manufacturers back into the series and balance out competition among teams.

    Redefining Racing: Focus on Riders

    As discussions continue on reshaping regulations for 2027, one key shift will be moving towards 850cc engines while embracing fully sustainable fuels. Additionally, there are talks of revamping aerodynamics to prioritize rider skills over technological advancements.

    Aero Debate: Balancing Innovation and Excitement

    In recent years, MotoGP has faced criticism for its heavy reliance on aerodynamics impacting race quality. Aprilia aims to lead by example by advocating for less emphasis on aero devices to enhance overall excitement and engagement with fans.

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