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    13 February 2024

    Quartararo Engaged in Preliminary Discussions with Other MotoGP Teams

    French Sensation Fabio Quartararo Aims to Conquer MotoGP

    In the fast-paced world of MotoGP, where riders push their limits on two wheels, one name has emerged as a force to be reckoned with – Fabio Quartararo.

    At just 24 years old, Quartararo has already made a significant impact in the sport. Currently in his sixth season in MotoGP, he clinched the coveted title in 2021 and has consistently competed on Yamaha bikes throughout his career.

    However, despite his success, Quartararo has been demanding more from Yamaha over the past two years. He expressed concerns about the M1 bike’s lack of speed on single laps and its performance in low-grip conditions. These issues left him desperate for solutions and prompted him to consider other options beyond Yamaha.

    The Iwata-based manufacturer took note of Quartararo’s demands and responded by bolstering their team with new hires from rival Ducati. Max Bartolini was brought on board as technical director, while Marco Nicotra joined as an aerodynamics expert. The hope is that these additions will help close the gap between Yamaha and their dominant competitor.

    “There has been a response to what I asked for,” revealed Quartararo during testing at Sepang circuit. “Although it may not have yielded the exact results I desired.”

    The French rider acknowledges that he has explored preliminary discussions with other brands, a fact that Yamaha is likely aware of. Yet, he remains open to the possibility of extending his current contract if Yamaha can demonstrate significant progress in addressing his concerns.

    Quartararo expressed satisfaction with Yamaha’s efforts thus far but stressed the importance of monitoring their short-term developments. He firmly believes that the recent changes within the team indicate a shift towards a more aggressive approach and a renewed commitment to winning.

    “There has been a big change at Yamaha,” Quartararo emphasized. “Although I’m not pleased with being so far behind, I can see how much harder we’re working now.”

    The addition of talent from Ducati, a factory renowned for its success, has injected new energy into Yamaha’s engineering team. The days when they were known for leaving early seem to be long gone as they strive to catch up and surpass their rivals.

    As MotoGP gears up for another thrilling season, Quartararo will have one final opportunity to fine-tune his skills during the pre-season test at Losail circuit next week before battling it out on the track starting March 10th.

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