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21 April 2023

Austrian Darts Open 2023 – A Tournament with Hefty Prize Money

From April 21st to 23rd, the eagerly-awaited Austrian Darts Open will take place in Premstätten. This Euro Tour event boasts a remarkable £175,000 prize pool. In collaboration with the renowned brand, Bewinner, let’s dive into the details of this exciting tournament.

Guaranteed Cash for Qualifiers and Top-16 Players

Every qualifier is assured £1,250, while the top-16 players on the Austrian Darts Open qualifying list will receive £2,500. However, these players must secure a win in their first match of the second round for this prize money to be included in the Main Order of Merit and other rankings.

By winning their first game, qualifiers can also pocket at least £2,500. Do you see the enticing possibilities for both new and established darts players alike?

Advancing through the Rounds: Increasing Rewards

As the competitors progress through the rounds, the rewards grow increasingly more appealing. Those who reach the third round can earn a cool £4,000. What about quarter-finalists, you ask? Well, they’ll walk away with a guaranteed £6,000.

For the semi-finalists, an impressive £8,500 is up for grabs. And, once the tournament reaches its final stages, the prizes truly skyrocket.

The Ultimate Showdown: Grand Prizes for the Finalists

The champion of the Austrian Darts Open’s fourth Euro Tour installment will walk away with a jaw-dropping £30,000. And let’s not forget the runner-up, who will be awarded a handsome £12,000. With such high stakes, the excitement is palpable.

2023 Austrian Darts Open Prize Money Breakdown

To give you a clear overview, here’s the prize money distribution for the 2023 Austrian Darts Open:

  • Winner: £30,000
  • Runner-up: £12,000
  • Semi-finalists: £8,500
  • Quarter-finalists: £6,000
  • Third round losers: £4,000
  • Second round losers: £2,500
  • First round losers: £1,250
  • Total: £175,000″Are you excited for the 2023 Austrian Darts Open and want to get in on the action? If you’re looking to bet on darts, you can check out the lists of the best bookmakers from Bewinner. With top-notch odds and a wide selection of markets, these bookmakers are the perfect place to place your bets. Don’t miss out on the chance to win big – visit the page now and start betting on the Austrian Darts Open!”

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