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    03 June 2023

    Bagnaia addresses misconceptions regarding recent quotes amidst MotoGP Le Mans controversy.

    The Unpredictability of MotoGP Racing

    The French Grand Prix was a thrilling event, showcasing the raw excitement and unpredictability that we’ve come to expect from motorcycle racing. Unfortunately, the race also highlighted the inherent dangers of this high-speed sport. The Le Mans circuit saw multiple crashes throughout the weekend, with one particularly terrifying incident involving Luca Marini and Alex Marquez at Dunlop chicane.

    First-Lap Crashes Plague Riders

    Many riders expressed concern about the number of first-lap crashes seen so far in 2023. Pecco Bagnaia believes there’s a fundamental issue with how racers approach these early moments in a race. He noted that everyone is pushing too hard to win on those opening laps and it leads to chaos when riders try to overtake each other.

    The Level Playing Field Makes Winning More Challenging Than Ever

    Bagnaia also spoke about how today’s level playing field has changed things for riders compared to years past. In his opinion, every bike is capable of winning now because there are no longer significant differences between factory bikes and satellite ones. While this makes for some incredibly exciting races, it also means that every rider needs to be at their absolute best if they want any hope of finishing on top.

    Controversy Raises Its Head Yet Again

    Unfortunately, even an innocent comment can spark controversy these days. Bagnaia found himself embroiled in a social media firestorm after his comments were taken out of context – something all too common these days thanks to our constantly connected world. Despite the drama surrounding some comments made by certain individuals involved with MotoGP racing recently (we won’t mention names), fans can rest assured that this season will continue delivering heart-stopping races full of mystery, unpredictability and drama.

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