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    22 January 2024

    Bagnaia expresses concerns about Ducati’s limitations on MotoGP concessions for 2024

    MotoGP Implements Unique Concessions System in Bid for Competitive Balance

    In a surprising move to rectify their challenging campaigns in 2023, Yamaha and Honda will be granted unprecedented advantages through the introduction of a new concessions system for the upcoming season of MotoGP.

    Under this perplexing set of rules, Yamaha and Honda will enjoy unrestricted testing opportunities as well as limitless development options for their engines and aerodynamics. On the other hand, reigning champion Ducati finds itself at a disadvantage with limitations imposed on test tires, private testing sessions, engine development, and wildcard entries.

    Ducati rider Francesco Bagnaia expressed agreement with the concessions provided to his competitors but questioned why similar changes were not implemented for Ducati given their existing operating restrictions. These constraints include being unable to conduct in-season tests with race riders, limited engine development during the season, and restricted updates on aerodynamics.

    Bagnaia stated at Ducati’s launch event: “I fail to comprehend why these concessions had to change so radically when considering the significant boost that others like Honda and Yamaha are receiving. The advantage they gain from this is substantial.”

    Bagnaia further highlighted Yamaha’s recent acquisition of Massimo Bartolini from Ducati as an additional factor contributing to YamahaaEUR(TM)s potential edge over its rivals. He believes BartoliniaEUR(TM)s expertise will provide them with significant progress moving forward.

    The Arrival of Marquez: A Threat or an Opportunity?

    Gresini Racing recently unveiled the livery for its 2024 MotoGP bike, which will be piloted by eight-time world champion Marc Marquez after his switch from Honda.

    Marquez made an immediate impact during the post-season Valencia test last November when he finished just 0.171s behind the leader in fourth place while riding a Ducati. This performance has led to high expectations that MarquezaEUR(TM)s presence within DucatiaEUR(TM)s ranks will shake up the competitive order on the track.

    Bagnaia, however, downplayed concerns about MarquezaEUR(TM)s arrival and said: “This season we have many highly competitive riders. The 2023 bike he is set to use is a winning machine and undoubtedly better than what he had last year. So let’s wait and see.”

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