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    02 June 2023

    Bagnaia sustains a minor ankle fracture but expected to recover in time for the Italian MotoGP event

    The Mystery Surrounding Bagnaia’s Injury

    Italian MotoGP rider Francesco Bagnaia has caused quite a stir in the sports news world after his recent injury. In an unexpected turn of events, it was revealed that he had partially fractured his talus bone.

    The Strange Circumstances Behind His Injury

    What makes this story even more intriguing is the confusion surrounding how and when he sustained this injury. After colliding with Maverick Vinales during the French GP, Bagnaia underwent medical checks at Le Mans, which showed no sign of any injuries. However, he continued to experience pain in his right leg. Despite this discomfort, Bagnaia participated in training sessions at Misano on Thursday alongside VR46 Academy riders using a Ducati Superbike Panigale V4. Unfortunately for him, though, the pain proved too much to handle and cut short his session early. It wasn’t until then that further checks determined that there was indeed a small partial talus bone fracture present all along.

    Will We Ever Know The Whole Story?

    The circumstances surrounding Francesco Bagniapa’s injury remain shrouded in mystery. While we may never know what really happened or why things turned out as they did – one thing is certain: fans eagerly await seeing their favorite Italian racer back on track soon!

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