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    15 November 2023

    Bentley refutes allegations of involvement in gambling or race manipulation in Hong Kong

    Harry Bentley Denies Suspension Related to Betting or Race Fixing

    In a surprising turn of events, Harry Bentley has firmly denied any connection between the two-month suspension imposed by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and involvement in betting or race fixing. The 31-year-old jockey recently admitted breaching rule 155 which deals with misconduct and improper behavior during a hearing that took place over two days last week.

    A detailed report from the inquiry revealed that Bentley was engaged in “inappropriate communication” regarding the horses he rode but with individuals who were not registered owners or nominators of those horses. Additionally, it was discovered that he had been using a private phone provided by these unidentified persons.

    The Hong Kong Jockey Club stated that while Bentley had agreed to accept payment, there was no concrete evidence suggesting that he actually received any money. Furthermore, his guilty plea along with his clean disciplinary record played a role in determining his relatively short ban of only two months.

    Bentley himself released a statement on X (formerly Twitter) where he emphasized: “I want to be extremely clear that this charge is in no way related to giving tips, betting, wagering, race fixing or accepting payment ahead of race riding.” He also urged the public to trust in the decision made by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, highlighting how if this were indeed true, he would have faced much harsher consequences for his actions. Throughout his career as a jockey thus far, it has never been questioned whether he strives for optimal positioning for his horse during races.

    While acknowledging that more research into Hong Kong’s racing rules should have been done on his part, Bentley expressed gratitude towards the Hong Kong Jockey Club for their thorough consideration during the steward’s inquiry. He further thanked his partner, family, friends, and racing fans for their unwavering support.

    Although Bentley’s suspension will conclude on January 3, 2024, he aims to utilize this time to prepare himself for the remainder of the season and promises to give his best effort for owners, trainers, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and all his supporters. With great anticipation, Bentley eagerly awaits getting back in the saddle early in the New Year!


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