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    03 June 2023

    Bottas in Negotiations to Assist Troubled KymiRing Circuit Project

    The Mysteries Surrounding Finland’s KymiRing Sports Venue

    In the world of sports news, there are few things more intriguing than a venue that seems to be perpetually in flux. Such is the case with Finland’s KymiRing, which has been beset by setbacks and difficulties since its original conception back in 2007.

    Delay After Delay

    Originally intended to host a small MotoGP test event ahead of a full motorcycle grand prix during the 2020 season as part of a five-year contract with promoter Dorna Sports, everything changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Not once but twice attempts at running events were lost due to pandemic-related restrictions.

    Roadblocks Everywhere

    Plans to run events behind closed doors also ran into roadblocks due to incomplete construction on access roads and paddock areas. Then matters took an even bleaker turn when political strife between Russia and Ukraine led to supply chain breakdowns and further delays.

    A New Hope Fades Away

    Despite working hard towards homologation for this year’s MotoGP race, financial problems mean that developer plans have now been placed into administration making it unlikely that any solution will be found soon.

    New Developments?

    Intriguingly enough Valtteri Bottas says he has held initial discussions with circuit chiefs about whether or not there is any potential for revival here, potentially even involving FIA Grade One standard capable of hosting Formula One races. However given current conditions this seems like a steep challenge against all odds. However words from official sources are scarce at best regarding these hopes.

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