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    26 May 2023

    Dan Evans claims Emma Raducanu exposed the flaws in British tennis at French Open 2023

    The Puzzling State of British Tennis Amid Emma Raducanu’s US Open Victory

    After Emma Raducanu’s remarkable victory at the US Open, many in Britain expected a resurgence for tennis in the country. Yet, as it turns out, this is not quite the case. According to Dan Evans, one of only three Britons playing in the French Open singles main draws alongside Cameron Norrie and Jack Draper, there are deep-rooted issues within British tennis that need addressing before we can see real progress.

    Papering Over Cracks: A Short-Lived Triumph?

    “There’s enough people playing junior tennis. We just don’t help them,” says Evans with regards to the lack of young talent emerging from Britain. “It’s a scarce draw isn’t it?” The fact remains that barring Raducanu’s injury, no other British women feature on the global rankings for women’s singles.

    This year though seven women lost in qualifying at Roland Garros – Harriet Dart,Katie Swan,Katie Boulter,Sonay Kartal,Lily Miyazaki,Francessa Jones and Heather Watson – as did Ryan Peniston,Liam Broady and Jan Choinski in men’s event but Argentina had 13 men participating despite having no federation or funding!

    A Lesson From Argentina: Invest & Grow

    “Argentina got 13 men in the qualifying here. They have no money, they have nothing. Not a federation basically”, remarked Evans. “We need to make people love tennis and get involved.”

    According to Evans, simply relying on a few top players like Andy Murray would not suffice for British tennis’s prosperity.However, with four men ranked within the World Top 60 including Andy Murray himself, there is still some hope for revival.

    A Long Road Ahead

    “I know what it’s like to work hard,” says Evans who has experienced ups and downs throughout his career as he talks about dedication being key. However,the path ahead isn’t an easy one as many young talents struggle without adequate support from governing bodies or other resources that could help them succeed.

    In Conclusion: A Call For Action

    It seems clear that despite Emma Raducanu’s triumph at the US Open, British Tennis still has a long way to go before we can see real progress.As Dan Evans rightly points out ,the focus must shift towards developing younger talent alongside nurturing those already established within the sport.The time is ripe for investing in infrastructure and resources necessary for growing interest in Tennis across all levels of society- only then can we expect to see true success!

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