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    03 June 2023

    Derby’s Turf Remains in Excellent Condition for Racing Day

    The Mystery of Derby Day Continues

    Sports news enthusiasts are in for a treat this Derby day. The going on the track remains shrouded in mystery, with inconsistencies that add to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the event.

    Good to Firm or Not?

    Clerk of the course Andrew Cooper’s walk-through at 6am left many wondering what is really happening on the track. “There are bits of it probably on either side of that description,” he said, referring to its classification as good to firm. Nevertheless, according to him, there hasn’t been much difference between today’s GoingStick reading (7.2) and yesterday’s (7.3).

    Adding further intrigue is last night’s irrigation work done by Craig Williamson and his team finishing around one in the morning – which only deepens this sense of discontinuity.

    The Betting Odds

    With all this uncertainty surrounding Derby Day, it comes as no surprise then that gamblers are having a hard time determining who will come out on top.

      • Auguste Rodin:
        • Odds: 4/1
      • Military Order:
        • Odds: 9/2

      Horses Attracting Support Despite Inconsistencies

      Two horses are unexpectedly attracting support ahead of the event, despite their odds not being in their favor. These contenders include Artistic Star who has seen a fall in his odds from 22/1 to 18/1 and San Antonio whose odds have reduced from 28/1 to 22/1.

      Final Thoughts

      The Derby day is full of suspense and wonder, shrouded with mysteries that only add to its allure. Who will come out on top? That’s something we’ll all have to wait until race day to find out!

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