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    18 June 2023

    Emma Raducanu opens up about her mixed emotions after winning the US Open title

    Emma Raducanu reveals physical and mental struggles after US Open win

    Tennis sensation Emma Raducanu has opened up about her difficulties in the aftermath of her remarkable 2021 US Open victory. The young British player became the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam title, but since then, she has suffered from both physical injuries and mental health problems.

    In an interview with The Times , Raducanu said that sometimes she wished she had never won the US Open. She revealed that the pressure of trying to maintain such high standards took its toll on her body and mind.

    “I was struggling with physical pain,” Raducanu explained, “but the mental side of it was really difficult for me too.”

    Raducanu’s impressive rise through tennis ranks has been accompanied by frequent changes in coaching staff. In June this year, she parted ways with coach Sebastian Sachs – her fifth coach in less than two years.

    Despite signing several commercial deals following her success at Flushing Meadows, Raducanu admits that she found fame challenging to deal with:

    “What I have realised in the past two years…the tour and everything that comes with it – it’s not a very nice, trusting or safe space…You have to be on guard because there are a lot of sharks out there.”

    A Traumatic Journey Since Winning The US Open Title

    The talented athlete admitted feeling burdened by self-imposed expectations which left little room for failure:

    “I very much attach my self-worth to my achievements… If I lost a match I would be really down…I feel things so passionately and intensely.”

    Resilience and Determination

    Raducanu has endured several setbacks since her triumph in New York. She missed this year’s French Open and withdrew from Wimbledon after undergoing minor operations on her ankle and hands.

    The 20-year-old is determined to bounce back from these challenges, saying:

    “Anything can come my way, I will take it for what I have right now because this is the best thing in the world…Since then I’ve had a lot of setbacks, one after the other. I am resilient; my tolerance is high, but it’s not easy.”

    Gaining Maturity Through Experience

    Despite all of her struggles both on and off-court, Raducanu remains optimistic about her future prospects as she continues to mature through experience.

    “I promised myself that [winning US Open], on the court that day…I have learnt [to] keep your circle as small as possible.”

    Taking Care Of Her Mental Health And Focussing On Recovery

    Rather than be defeated by adversity or overwhelmed by expectations placed upon her following such a significant achievement at such an early stage in her career, Emma Raducanu’s determination shines through.

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