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    08 June 2023

    Exploring the French Open: A Reflection on Roland Garros Scheduling and a Surprise Encounter with a Celebrity in Paris

    The Curious Case of Women’s Night Matches at the French Open

    As the 2021 French Open enters its second week, American tennis player Jessica Pegula has raised concerns about the lack of women’s night matches in this year’s tournament. Despite being third in singles and second in doubles rankings, Pegula is disappointed that only one out of ten night sessions features WTA players.

    Pegula finds it unfortunate that more women aren’t given primetime slots to showcase their talent. As a member of the WTA players’ council, she has previously brought up this issue with tournament organizers but hasn’t seen any improvement so far.

    While some people argue that men’s matches are generally longer or provide better value for money, Pegula feels these reasons undervalue women’s tennis as a product both in France and Europe overall. She believes if they don’t have equal opportunities like their male counterparts, then how will they ever get to showcase their great skills?

    Difficult Conditions on Court Philippe Chatrier

    Playing on Court Philippe Chatrier at night can be quite challenging due to chilly winds making it difficult for players to adjust their game accordingly. Having played during daytime herself earlier this year, Pegula found playing conditions similar to a wind tunnel which could favor some over others based on individual skillsets.

    In addition, while many girls may not mind playing during daytime hours instead of waiting around after long five-set matches; however hopefully more female athletes will get prime time spots next year without having discussions around scheduling all over again.

    A Concert Break from Tennis

    Pegula took advantage of her downtime by attending Harry Styles concert with fellow players Asia Muhammed and Caroline Dolehide who were invited by Alexa Guarachi another doubles player. Alexa had planned the trip months ago and bought all tickets but lost her match early on deciding to go home instead.

    While Pegula isn’t a die-hard fan of the former One Direction star, she enjoyed attending his concert at Stade de France which was a refreshing break from her tennis schedule during the six-week clay-court swing in Europe.

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