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    23 May 2023

    French Tennis Player Hugo Gaston Fined More Than His Earnings For Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    French tennis player, Hugo Gaston, has been fined a staggering 144,000 euros (£125,000) for displaying his fourth example of unsportsmanlike conduct this year. The fine is more than what he earned in the entire year of 2023.

    Gaston’s latest act of misconduct occurred during the Madrid Open match against Borna Coric in April. On set point and with Coric about to smash a winner, Gaston dropped a spare ball from his pocket onto the court. If another ball interferes with play, according to umpire rules, it is grounds for calling a let and replaying the point.

    The ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) issued the heavy fine after considering that the French player had already received warnings concerning similar incidents before this one took place. According to their statement: “Per ATP Rules in effect from 2023 fines related to unsportsmanlike conduct increase by 100% with each consecutive violation in the same season.” Since this was not only Gaston’s fourth violation but also occurred all within one single season; therefore making him liable for punishment under these guidelines.

    In response to the hefty sum imposed on him by authorities at ATP headquarters today – which will be halved if certain conditions are met — including no future violations committed within twelve months from now – World Number 108 protested stating that he would appeal against such unfair treatment.

    Gaston Still Eligible To Play At French Open Despite Fine

    Despite his recent fine, Gaston has been awarded a wildcard to compete at the French Open event which is due to start this coming Sunday. The 22-year-old tennis player has won approximately £98,000 in prize money so far this season.


    Hugo Gaston’s recent case of unsportsmanlike conduct could have detrimental effects on his tennis career if he does not learn from it. Fines for such misconducts increase every time they occur; and with four already under his belt within just one single season alone – it would seem that the ATP is taking these offenses seriously.


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