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    03 June 2023

    Jack Miller Finds Motivation in KTM Validation for 2023 MotoGP Season

    Australian Rider Jack Miller’s Move to KTM

    Australian rider Jack Miller has made an unexpected move to KTM, signing a two-year factory deal after Ducati moved him out of its works team. Despite being offered a one-year deal at Pramac by Ducati, Miller chose to join the Austrian marque and has already left a lasting impact.

    Miller’s Impact on KTM Development

    Drawing from his five years of experience with Ducati, Miller has brought invaluable development inputs that have boosted KTM. His feedback on the bike provided fresh perspectives that weren’t readily available before his arrival. KTM team manager Guidotti acknowledges this contribution and says “Jack has brought with him a lot of experience, which was what we needed…His indications have given us security and confirmations.

    “After only five rounds in 2021 season campaigns so far, both factory KTMs are fighting for podiums consistently between Brad Binder and Jack Miller. This sudden boost in results shows how much progress they’ve made since the low-key winter testing where they didn’t seem very competitive. Guidotti added: “It’s not that everything went better than we expected; it’s that it went faster than we expected.”

    The Road Ahead for Jack Miller & KTM

    As things stand currently in terms of performance consistency across different circuits as well as other riders’ form around them- there is no telling exactly just how successful their partnership will be long term or if any unforeseen circumstances could alter course unexpectedly down this path – but at least for now all seems headed towards more good news!

    Despite some initial perplexities regarding his departure from Ducati, it appears as though everything worked out perfectly fine for both parties involved while also paving new ways forward in MotoGP world! For those looking for sport news updates on their favorite riders like Jack miller or teams such as KTM, make sure to stay tuned and check back soon for more exciting updates!

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