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    25 February 2024

    Live Coverage of the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne Race

    Kuurne – Kuurne 196.6 km: A Quirky Race Ahead

    Ready, set, go! The peculiar yet thrilling donkey races are about to kick off at Kuurne – Kuurne covering a distance of 196.6 km.

    The Unpredictable Charm of Day 2 Races

    Day 2 brings us to the afterthought race following the opening weekend frenzy. This non-World Tour event lacks the iconic Muur in the finale, replaced by quirky local laps that add an element of surprise. While unconventional, Kuurne has managed to outshine its counterparts in recent years with unexpected twists and turns on its route.

    Predicted Finish Time: 16:45-17:15 CET

    In this curious sporting affair, all eyes are on Jasper Philipsen as he takes his place as the second fiddle of this enigmatic weekend challenge. Despite initial doubts about his abilities on Flemish hills, could he potentially turn things around with strategic rest periods during laps around Kuurne?

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