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    27 February 2024

    Watch Le Samyn Race Live

    Unraveling the Gnarly Racing Day: Quaregnon – Dour Adventure

    As the opening Weekend fades into memory, brace yourself for the enigma of Grim Tuesday where both men and women’s teams embark on a daring journey to Wallonia. A day fraught with uncertainty and challenge, promising an exhilarating 114.8 km & 202 km spectacle.

    The Race Against Time in Wallonia

    Anticipated finish times loom at 14:20 & 17:15 CET as the competitors delve into this captivating escapade. Amidst it all, relish in the majestic view that Noemi Rüegg & Arnaud De LieConsonni offer as they navigate through this treacherous terrain.

    An air of intrigue surrounds Consonni’s recent crash while Kool’s performance leaves room for doubt. Could Rüegg be the beacon of hope, continuing her remarkable streak this spring? The stage is set for a battle royale in these tumultuous SSRs of Wallonia – a breeding ground for unexpected twists and turns.

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