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    13 November 2023

    LTA Takes Action Against Council Member for Inappropriate Israel-Gaza Post on Social Media

    Lawn Tennis Association Removes Council Member over Controversial Social Media Post

    The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has taken decisive action by removing one of its council members following an inappropriate social media post related to the Israel-Gaza conflict. The LTA and Football Association (FA) councils had appointed Wasim Haq to actively promote diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

    Haq’s now-deleted post on X, formerly known as Twitter, made references to Adolf Hitler and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This highly contentious message was deemed “unacceptable” by the LTA board when it came to their attention on 11 November.

    The LTA board emphasized that Haq’s views expressed in the tweet do not align with the association’s position or values. Consequently, they have promptly terminated his role as an independent councillor.

    In addition to his involvement with the LTA, Haq also serves on the board of England Golf. In response to this controversy, he issued a public apology through X, expressing deep remorse for any offense caused:

    “I want to apologize unreservedly to anyone who felt offended by my tweet. It was intended solely as a comparison between two individuals whom I believe have caused immeasurable harm to victimized communities affected by this tragic conflict throughout history.”
    “I have never targeted any individual or community based on differences nor am I antisemitic; these accusations are unfounded.”


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