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    09 December 2023

    Miller’s Contentment in Silencing Critics Following Debut Season with KTM MotoGP

    The Unpredictable Journey of Jack Miller: From Ducati to KTM

    In a surprising turn of events, four-time grand prix winner Jack Miller has signed a two-year deal to join KTM’s factory squad for the 2023 season. This move comes after he was replaced by Enea Bastianini in the works Ducati team at the end of last year. Despite only achieving one grand prix podium and finishing 11th in the standings, Miller believes that his time with KTM has brought out a better version of himself as a rider.

    When asked about his improvement with KTM compared to Ducati after crashing out while leading at the Valencia Grand Prix, Miller confidently stated that he feels like he is constantly evolving as a rider. He acknowledged that this year may not have been his best on paper but attributed it to numerous challenges faced throughout the season. Nonetheless, both him and the team managed to overcome these difficulties.

    Miller expressed satisfaction in proving critics wrong who predicted that he would be without a job this time last year. He emphasized that KTM is now considered an appealing choice for riders and will continue growing in popularity. However, he also acknowledged that progress takes time and highlighted areas where both himself and the team need improvement.

    One notable difference Miller noticed when comparing his experiences with Ducati and KTM is how working with KTM feels more like being part of a smaller company despite its enormous scale. The direct connection with management allows for closer collaboration which can sometimes make things equally stressful, if not more so than before.

    A Multicultural Team Like No Other

    KTM’s multicultural environment made an impact on Miller’s sense of belonging within the team itself. As an Australian rider alongside South African teammates, there is an international camaraderie present which previously made him feel like an outsider with Ducati. The diverse composition of the KTM team has helped Miller feel more at home and part of a united group.

    Miller concludes that while there are similarities in terms of pressures faced as a factory rider, his experience with KTM offers a unique connection to the company and its vision. He is confident that this new chapter in his career will yield positive results given the supportive team he now rides for.

    The journey from Ducati to KTM has been filled with perplexities and discontinuities for Jack Miller, but it is clear that he remains determined to make the most out of this opportunity. With each passing season, he strives to become a better rider and contribute to KTM’s growth as they continue their pursuit of success on the grand prix stage.

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