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    05 June 2023

    Possible Rematch in the Works for Should’ve Been a Ring Champion Against Little Big Bear

    Little Big Bear and Shouldvebeenaring set for Royal Ascot Sprint Rematch

    The upcoming Commonwealth Cup at Royal Ascot promises to be a thrilling affair as Little Big Bear and Shouldvebeenaring are set to face off once again. The two horses last competed against each other in the Sandy Lane at Haydock, where Little Big Bear emerged victorious with Shouldvebeenaring coming in second.

    Though this was an unexpected result for many, it comes as no surprise to Richard Hannon who trained Shouldvebeenaring. He had been impressed by the colt’s performance during his training before the race.

    “This horse is better than ever,” said Hannon after watching him in action. “He’s never done what he’s just done there in front of me.”

    Despite being something of an underdog, Shouldvebeenaring has had an immensely successful season so far having earned over £250,000 in prize money already. His owners, Middleham Park Racing are keen to see him take on even more challenging races.

    “It’s great to be mixing it among these lofty places,” said Tim Palin of Middleham Park. “Where do we go now? There’s some talk about the Jersey but Sean (Levey) did say that he wouldn’t mind another go at the winner when he got off.”

    If Little Big Bear emerges as a favourite once again, then beating him would give Shouldvebeenaring a chance at becoming a stallion – making this rematch all the more critical.

    Shouldvebeening is not only popular due to his ability but also due to his consistency – wearing his heart on his sleeve with every race he competes in:

    “He wears his heart on his sleeve; he has the heart of a lion and puts so much effort into all of his races, even the days he’s been beaten. His diminutive stature is certainly belied by his heart and tenacity, he’d run through a brick wall for you – he’s a superstar.”

    With the upcoming Commonwealth Cup at Royal Ascot set to be an exciting event, fans will undoubtedly be looking forward to seeing whether Shouldvebeenaring can get the better of Little Big Bear this time around.

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