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    19 June 2023

    Recharging the Mind: Carlos Alcaraz’s Journey from Roland Garros Disappointment to Mental Revitalization

    Spanish Tennis Star Carlos Alcaraz on Mental Refreshment After French Open Disappointment

    In the world of tennis, mental and physical fitness is key to success. Spanish world number two, Carlos Alcaraz, has recently opened up about his experience at the 2021 French Open where he suffered a disappointing defeat in the semi-finals against Novak Djokovic. Speaking to reporters after his loss, he revealed that stress was a leading factor that caused him to cramp up during the game.

    A full-body cramp can be debilitating for any athlete and it certainly ruined Alcaraz’s chances of reaching the final in Paris. However, he has since taken steps towards mental refreshment and rejuvenation as part of his preparation for upcoming tournaments.

    A Quick Getaway to Ibiza:

    After spending “one or two days” pondering over what happened at Roland Garros and how he could handle similar situations better in future games, Carlos decided to take a short break from tennis by traveling with some friends including Spanish footballers Sergio Reguilon and Lucas Vazquez plus Manchester United’s Argentine defender Lisandro Martinez. The group had an amazing time unwinding on the beautiful beaches of Ibiza while enjoying some much-needed rest.

    The Spanish star later spoke about how important it is for athletes like himself to take occasional breaks from their busy schedules and enjoy life outside their sport. He believes this helps them come back mentally refreshed with renewed energy which is vital when competing at such high levels in sports tournaments around the world.

    Moving Forward:

    Despite the setback at Roland Garros, Carlos Alcaraz is focused on his future and what lies ahead. He has added the Cinch Championships at Queen’s Club to his schedule for the first time, having only previously played two senior tournaments on grass, both at Wimbledon.

    He believes that regardless of the surface he plays on, he can translate his game which has already brought him success on clay and hard courts to British grass courts. However, he acknowledges that playing well on grass requires more focus as it takes a lot of energy and effort to move around compared to other surfaces. So he’ll have to be very specific in every movement and shot while keeping a careful eye out for possible mishaps such as sliding.

    Despite all this, one thing is clear – Carlos Alcaraz is determined to learn from his mistakes and emerge stronger than ever before!

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