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    05 June 2023

    The Increasing Turmoil in MotoGP Racing: Reasons Behind the Chaos

    MotoGP: The Unpredictable Championship

    The world of MotoGP is known for its unpredictable nature, where anything can happen at any moment. From the close field to the difficulty in overtaking, this sport has seen a surge in aggression and accidents.

    A New Era?

    In recent years, MotoGP has witnessed a shift that has left fans jaw-dropped. Four different champions from four different manufacturers have been crowned in the last four years alone! This unprecedented level playing field is a result of contemporary technical and sporting regulations that have closed up the competition like never before.

    This unpredictability reflects not just comments from riders but also backed up by numbers – since the beginning of 2020, we’ve had sixteen winners over fifty-seven grand prix races! The instability highlights how much things have changed since Jack Miller broke through as a satellite rider at Assen becoming the first to win a grand prix in ten years!

    Aggressive Starts

    The new weekend format brought about many changes including increased aggressiveness amongst riders during race starts. According to sources consulted by Bewinner, two aspects contributed to this phenomenon – possibility of podium finishes or even winning for every rider coupled with single file train-like racing due to the difficulty of overtaking on current aerodynamic bikes.

    What’s The Impact?

    The unpredictability created by the new regulations has redefined the dynamics of races leading to one question – is this good or bad for MotoGP? There are mixed opinions in the paddock, but what is unquestionable is that this ‘democratisation’ has a great impact on race dynamics and safety.

    In racing, accidents are always possible, but with more riders having a chance at winning it all comes down to how they start. Since the debut of this new weekend format, we’ve seen an increase in collisions during sprint races which leaves concerned fans wondering if this trend will continue.

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