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    03 June 2023

    Thriving Under Pressure: A Rookie’s Impressive Result in MotoGP

    MotoGP rookie Fernandez believes Le Mans is a turning point for his season

    The 2023 MotoGP grid features only one rookie, the reigning Moto2 world champion, Fernandez. He was signed by Tech3 to join its KTM-backed GASGAS-branded squad. So far this season, he has faced difficulties and scored nothing in any of the sprints. His best grand prix result was tenth place in America.

    A rocky start

    Despite a challenging start to his debut season, at the French GP held on May 16th this year, Fernandez qualified within the top twelve for the first time. The Grand Prix saw him end up fourth

    It was Augusto’s best weekend so far while racing in MotoGP.

    No Comment on Acosta’s crash

    When asked if his season-best fourth-place finish came as a relief since fellow racer Acosta had crashed out earlier that day ,Fernandez refused to comment stating “You have to ask another person not me.”

    Focused On Winning!

    “I’m happy because it’s a fourth in MotoGP fifth race of the season.I’m focused on my job and I want more,” said Fernandez. ” I don’t want to be fourth. I’m here to win so I’m focused on my own job.”

    Becoming One with Bike and Instincts

    < p >According to Fernandezafter after five races intothe currentseasont,the FrenchGrand PrixatLeManswillbea pivotalmomentforhim.Heexplained how he started feeling better withhis bike during this roundandbegan trusting his instincts better.”This weekendlwas where Ifinallystarted feeling goodwith themachine,” said Fernandez.

    He addedthat he ‘started to have feelings’ with the bike and knows exactly how to be fast. The rookieexplains that until now, his gut instinctswere shaky, but this weekend was a breakthrough for him.

    The Future Looks Bright

    Augusto believes that following his instincts will help him in future races.Hisperformance at Le Mans is an indication of what racing fans can expect from the young riderin the remainder of the season.

    Fernandez has proven over time that he is determined to win no matter what obstacle comes his way.Acosta’s crash did not affect him as much as one would think;he remains focused on improving himselfandachieving victory.Who knows? Maybe Augustocouldwinthe next raceat Mugello or Catalunya GP!

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