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    27 January 2024

    Uncertainty looms over the future of the 2024 Argentina MotoGP round due to budget reductions by the government

    Argentina Grand Prix in Danger of Cancellation

    The Argentina Grand Prix, an eagerly anticipated event on the MotoGP calendar, may be at risk of cancellation for the third time in a row. Scheduled to take place from April 5-7th at Termas de Rio Hondo circuit, financial challenges are causing concern.

    Since President Milei took office on December 10th last year, spending cuts have been implemented throughout Argentina. This has resulted in significant reductions across various government ministries and raises questions about the viability of funding for the Argentina Grand Prix.

    The race relies heavily on financial support from both the national government and private promoters, making it difficult to justify its inclusion within this new era of budget constraints.

    Rumors suggest that several teams suspect the event will not proceed as planned; however official confirmation is yet to be provided by IRTA – the association representing them.

    If indeed canceled, there would be a three-week gap between races held in Portugal (24th March) and Austin’s Americas Grand Prix (14th April).

    In a further twist, despite Balaton Park circuit being named as a reserve venue back in September when MotoGP released their calendar for this season; it seems unlikely it could fill the void left by Argentina given limited preparation time available.

    This uncertainty surrounding Argentinian GP raises doubts over other races’ future too. The Kazakhstan GP had already been cancelled last season and might face similar fate, not making a return in 2024. This season’s calendar is set to be the longest ever with 22 events.

    Argentinian GP has faced numerous challenges over recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic forced cancellations of the 2020 and 2021 editions, while a devastating fire hit the pit building complex last year. In 2022, freight delays further jeopardized the event as teams struggled to transport equipment from Lombok in Indonesia to Termas de Rio Honda. Eventually, Friday practice had to be called off, reducing the race weekend duration.

    The Argentina Grand Prix has been an integral part of MotoGP since its reinstatement in 2014; however, it remains uncertain whether it will continue to hold its place on the racing calendar moving forward.

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