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    07 June 2023

    Yamaha’s Former Top Rider Struggling to Secure MotoGP Career

    The Unbreakable Mindset of Franco Morbidelli

    It’s no secret that the world of MotoGP is not for the faint-hearted. With speeds reaching over 200mph and riders battling it out on some of the most challenging tracks in the world, you need to have a certain mindset to compete at the top level.

    A Unique Perspective

    Franco Morbidelli’s perspective on racing is unlike any other rider in the paddock. He sees time off as necessary for everyone, and he openly discusses how difficult it can be to race so many times in such a tightly-packed calendar. According to him, nobody is paid enough for this type of schedule.

    Morbidelli knows all too well about hard work and sacrifice, especially when relying on others’ help along his career path. In particular, Valentino Rossi has been instrumental in shaping Morbidelli into one of MotoGP’s top contenders today.

    Battling Through Adversity

    Adversity has been something that Morbidelli has faced multiple times throughout his life. From dealing with his father’s sudden death as a teenager to financial struggles early on in his racing career – these experiences could have easily derailed him from pursuing his dreams.

    However, thanks to support from organizations like Italian Federation and mentorship from Valentino Rossi himself through VR46 Academy – adversity only made him stronger.
    “The best thing that Vale does is giving me battle,” says Franco “you really grow up by the adversities that you find.”

    Resilience in Difficult Times

    Morbidelli’s resilience has been put to the test multiple times throughout his career. In 2019, rookie team-mate Fabio Quartararo outperformed him at Petronas SRT, and Yamaha made a last-minute decision to strip Morbidelli of his factory-speed bike for the 2020 season.

    Despite these setbacks, he went on to win three races in the 2020 season and finished second in MotoGP championship standings – only 13 points behind Joan Mir.

    The Tough Moment

    In September of this year (2021), Maverick Vinales was ousted from Factory Yamaha Team; Franco Morbidelli stepped into his place hoping for better results but things did not go as planned.

    The lack of improvements on its M1 have hindered all riders with even top contender Fabio Quartararo struggling in 2023 on the bike.
    “I think I had many changes between 2021 and 2022”, says Franco “The second half of championship that I did was a good adaptation, or a good taste of what…”

    Conclusion: The Unbreakable Mindset

    Franco Morbidelli’s story is one filled with perseverance, hard work and mental fortitude. His unique perspective on racing combined with an unbreakable mindset have allowed him to overcome adversity time after time again.

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