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    15 November 2023

    Why it’s time to cease complaining about Marquez’s MotoGP qualifying strategies

    Struggles Continue for Marc Marquez on the Honda

    The 2021 MotoGP season has been far from smooth sailing for Marc Marquez. The Spanish rider is facing challenges and setbacks as he navigates his way through a difficult campaign with the Honda team. With 27 crashes under his belt so far this season, matching his record for a single campaign, Marquez’s performance has raised eyebrows and sparked concerns.

    Marquez’s lackluster results further highlight his struggles on the track. His only grand prix podium finish came in wet conditions at Motegi, leaving much to be desired in terms of consistent success. Although he managed to secure pole position in Portugal during the season opener, it was not without help from other riders acting as references ahead of him.

    This tactic of using other riders as reference points is not new for Marquez. In previous seasons when he dominated the sport, there were instances where he would push rivals to their limits while benefiting from being towed around to secure a favorable grid position.

    However, not all attempts have gone according to plan. In Malaysia back in 2019, Marquez tried employing similar tactics with Fabio Quartararo but ended up crashing heavily due to letting too much heat drop out of his tires while attempting strategic maneuvers.


    A high point amidst these struggles occurred during qualifying in Portugal when Marquez claimed pole position by utilizing his tried and tested tow tactic once again. This move drew both praise and criticism from fans and fellow competitors alike.

    In recent races such as Thailand and Malaysia, we saw Marquez continue this approach by choosing specific riders like Jack Miller or Franco Morbidelli as “victims” to follow closely during qualifying sessions. This method, although controversial, has proven effective in securing better grid positions for Marquez.

    Marquez’s actions have sparked debate and discussion within the MotoGP community. Some argue that this strategy is merely part of the game, while others question its fairness and sportsmanship.

    Ultimately, Marquez finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place. While he may not enjoy having to resort to such tactics during qualifying sessions, history has shown that it can provide him with an advantage on the unforgiving track.

    The challenges faced by Marquez this season are evident as he battles to find his rhythm on the Honda. However, fans remain hopeful that his resilience and determination will lead him to overcome these struggles and regain his dominance in future races.

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